Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Birthday Treats

We understand that the children get very excited about birthdays and really love to bring something in to share with their classmates to celebrate.  Our schools have seen a significant increase in food and food related allergies, as well as other reasons for dietary restrictions. Often, in the early grades, children may not even be aware of all of the things they might react to.  We hope to strike a balance between the sharing of treats and each family’s right to monitor what their children eat at school.  It is still our suggestion that you consider sending in a fancy pencil, eraser, or other school supply item, however, if you do choose to send in an edible treat, please package it in such a way that it may be sent home with each child.  This way, all parents can rest assured that their personal preferences are being respected.  *Please be sure to contact your classroom teacher as each teacher has an individual classroom policy.

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