Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dropping off items for student(s)

One of the great things about Miller and Craddock is the concerted effort that everyone makes to protect and preserve learning time for our students. Even a few lost minutes a day can really add up. Consider, for example, a class that has just 2- three minute interruptions a day. That can add up to 30 minutes a week, 270 minutes a quarter, or 1080 minutes a year. That’s 18 hours each year that might have been devoted to learning. Also, recent research indicates that a 60 second interruption can have longer lasting effects, as students may take up to 30 minutes to regain the focus lost during the disruption. (For an interesting article about this topic, click here). At Miller and Craddock, we do our best to ensure that students are provided maximum learning time, punctuated by planned breaks for snacks and movement. We do not use bells, as one group’s recess might end in the middle of another group’s spelling test. We also try to limit any phone calls or messages throughout the day. You can help support this process, too! Please do not worry about bringing in folders, water bottles, or other forgotten items (lunches are a different story!). The school will contact you if there is something that cannot wait until the next day. Also, please send in reasonably-sized, convenient snacks that can be eaten in just a few minutes. Large items, sugary snacks, and things that require utensils are difficult for kids to consume in the classroom and may not give them the healthy energy boost they need before (or after) lunch. As always, please feel free to let us know if you have questions or concerns.

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